LCF Resource Courses are self-paced courses available for approved facilitators. The course materials & resources are online based but can be facilitated in an 1 on 1 or group environment. Approved Enrolment to our Resource Course will give you access to all the training videos, leader guide and course workbook.

FOR WHO IS THIS: Are you a dad, mentor, young men’s ministry- or youth leader then this resource is a perfect course to facilitate with younger men in a group setting.

Teen guys want to be courageous and brave. In an era of superhero movies, they strive to be characterized by fearlessness, confidence, and power, like Captain America or Iron Man. But boldness is empty bravado when not used in the way God intended.

In Bold, a 4-part video Bible study series, pastor Joby Martin uses Scripture to teach teen guys that their desires to be bold are not without a purpose. They were created to play a part in God’s redemptive work in the world and live courageously for the cause of God’s Kingdom.
God has empowered guys to live a life of boldness—in their faith, with their words, to share the truth, and through prayer. Because our God is so powerful, young men who follow Christ can—and must—live boldly in the world.

The BoLD Course will be available mid February!

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The Whisper Course Video and Workbook is in English BUT the course will be facilitated in Afrikaans. Bilingual men are welcome to register.

Many people have a tough time believing that God still speaks. We’ve learned from Scripture that God spoke to His people in ancient times and in mysterious ways, but how do we hear His voice now? The truth is God still communicates with His people, but He often speaks in a whisper—not to make it difficult to hear Him, but to draw us close.

In this 5-session series, Mark Batterson teaches what it means for Christians to discern the voice of God in their lives. He will introduce the seven love languages of God—each of them unique and entirely divine. By learning to tune in and decipher each language, Mark equips believers to hear God’s guidance and grow closer to Him.

God is speaking. Do you know how to listen?

* Please note that space is very limited and bookings will go very fast. To avoid disappointment, do not delay making your booking . No late bookngs will be accepted. Bookings close Monday 12 April at 1pm unless booked out before this date.

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