The leaders of the LCF Men’s Ministry are passionate about equipping other Men’s Ministries, Pastors, Mentors and Leaders with the correct resources, tools and methods. By doing this, they can have a lasting impact in ministering to men in their own churches, ministries and communities.

The LCF team has actively been running our Men’s Ministry since 2009, and over the years we have learnt many lessons, some by making mistakes and others by getting things right. We acknowledge that serving men, getting them involved and keeping them engaged is very challenging.

We understand and embrace that church/people culture differs from place to place and it can be challenging to collaborate with other churches or ministries. We believe that every men’s ministry leader needs to know his own audience well and serve that specific audience in the way, culture and methods that are applicable to that specific environment.

Do you need assistance, support or advice in starting and facilitating a course or men’s ministry in your own environment and church culture?

Then reach out to us!

Send us a message so that we can pray for you and ask for blessing and guidance from the Holy Spirit.